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Dear All,

It gives me great pleasure to be invited to chair The Grand Masters 2018 – Bengaluru Edition organized by Lex Witness. Meetingpeersto exchange ideas and thoughts on the challenges that weface every day is crucial to the discharge of our duties, as much as to stay professionally contemporary. This is our way of clicking on the “refresh” icon!

The Grand Masters 2018 Summit Series – A Corporate Counsel Legal Best Practices Summit Series happens to be one of the most ideal platforms that we have today. The series started with its 2018 debut edition at New Delhi on the 8th February 2018 followed by the Mumbai edition on 16th February 2018 and the concluding edition on 23rd February 2018 in Bengaluru.

Today, an in-house counsel needs to wear many hats. We play the role of the risk-identifier, taking proactive steps to assess, manage and ameliorate risks. We also act as atrusted partner to our internal clients, advising the business on the best way to navigate the regulatory maze they find themselves inwhile pursuingaggressive growth paths. Often, we tread a tightrope when we uncompromisinglyinsist oncompliance without being labelled as incessant roadblocks or deal-stoppers.The Grand Masters 2018 Summit Series will be our forum to improve the tool-kit that we use to juggle our multiple responsibilities.

We are living through exciting times. We have seen revolutionary developments in technology and the regulatory regime of the country. The Grand Masters 2018 Summit Series promises to engage us in meaningful dialogue on a variety of topics of current and traditional interest.For example, the use of artificial intelligence in management of legal matters is particularly relevant and will impact the way we conduct our business as in-house counsel going forward.

The implementation of GST and the notification of the Bankruptcy Code, being dramatic changes in law with far reaching and long-term consequences, merit detailed analysis and discussion. On the traditional front, participants will be exchanging ideas on the challenges we face in dispute resolution. The choice of litigation versus arbitration is always a tricky one, and our agenda includes talks on the nuances that have to be borne in mind when making that choice. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to hear on these topics (amongst others) from distinguished lawyerswho advisesome of the best companies in the country.

I am excited to meet the participants and speakers and look forward to a day of informed conversation, exchange of ideas and camaraderie.

See you at The Grand Masters 2018!

Best Wishes.
General Counsel
ITC Limited.

2018 Official Summit
Chairs' Messages

Mr. Badrinath Durvasula
Senior Vice President, Adani Group
Summit Chair, New Delhi Edition

Ms. Debolina Partap
Vice President and General Counsel, Wockhardt Group
Summit Chair, Mumbai Edition

Mr. K.S.Suresh
General Counsel, ITC Limited
Summit Chair, Bengaluru Edition

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